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With over 200 articles published, below is just a small sample of Mary and Allen Ivey's work. Here are some of the ones considered most important and relevant.

There is a recent 3 article series on cognitive decline. Click 

Neuroscience: Counseling, Therapy, Wellness

Riding the Wave: Helping Clients Live in Sustainable Nervous System Functioning

Counseling Today, 2018​

Social Stress and Implications for Underserved Populations

Counseling Today, 2017

Neurocounseling: Redefining "Gut Feelings"

Counseling Today, 2015

Allostasis Stress and the Microbiota-Gut-Brain

Counseling Today, 2015

Counseling and Neuroscience: The Cutting Edge of the Coming Decade

Counseling Today, 2009


How to Bring Counseling Session Outcomes into the "Real" World: Microskills in Action PPT

Systematic Interviewing Microskills and Neuroscience: Developing Bridges between the Fields of Communication and Counseling Psychology

International Journal of Listening, 2016

The Neuroscience of Listening, Microskills, and Empathy

Counseling Today, 2016

Media Therapy: Educational Change Planning for Psychiatric Patients

Journal of Counseling Psychology, 1973

Microcounseling and Attending Behavior: An Approach to PrePracticum Training

Journal of Counseling Psychology, 1968

Developmental Counseling and Therapy (DCT)

DCT Penn State Lecture PPT

The Default Mode Network PPT

DCT and the Brain​​ PPT

Multicultural/Social Justice Issues

Clinical Staging for High Risk Youth:Counselors and the Clinical Staging Model

Counseling Today, 2014

Building Multicultural Allies​​ PPT

Racism and the Books Your Children Read

Changing Education, 1973

Social Stress and Implications for Underserved Populations

Counseling Today, 2017

DCT: Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

Lewis Terman and Racism


Lewis Terman Speaks (Quotations)


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