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Integrative Therapy with Allen Ivey
Watch Allen Ivey masterfully demonstrate Integrative Therapy in an actual counseling session in this video. Ivey helps clients get to know their strengths on self, relationship and community levels by exploring stories from their pasts, borrowing techniques from all orientations depending on the client's needs and goals.
Neuroscience and Neurobiology Basics for Therapists
Alexander Street
In this program, Dr. Ivey and Dr. Bradford Ivey address the fundamentals of brain-based counseling. They discuss allostasis and resilience as well as stress, drugs and the brain, and the microbiota-gut-brain axis. They propose practitioners think of the body/brain as one unit, rather than the traditional view that separates the two.
Basic Attending Skills
Kinetic Streaming
From Pt.3 of 3 Aimed at professional development for aspiring counselors of ALL kinds, and designed for all courses focusing on skills, counseling theories, and multicultural issues, viewers learn to complete an entire session using only listening skills. 
Coaching and Counseling
Kinetic Streaming
Allen Ivey demonstrates the basic coaching model with a white female client. The issues focus on life goals and a five-step model of counseling/coaching is demonstrated. The model can be generalized for use in multiple situations. You will also find that the word coaching is more acceptable to some clients who may shy away from counseling and therapy.
Basic Communication Skills
Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
In this webinar (recorded on May 13, 2015) Emeritus Professor Allen E. Ivey and Professor Mary Bradford Ivey cover topics of counseling micro skills, including, The basics of listening; the 5-step learning framework; questioning & Paraphrasing; reflecting; the four emotional styles; plus much more. The video concludes with a short Q&A session with the presenters. 
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